Which one is the better help guidance QuickBooks Online support or QuickBooks payments

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    When you should contact to QuickBooks online support-

    1. When to want to verify whether your payments account is connected to your QuickBooks online company or not.
    2. When you want to ask questions about how to use QuickBooks online with QuickBooks payments.
    3. When you need assistance with processing sales, returns, voids, etc.
    4. If you want to set up using your payments account through QuickBooks online.
    5. If you want to research specific transactions, batches, or non deposited funds
    6. When you want to obtain or verify your account number
    7. during verifying monthly processing limits.

    When you should contact to QuickBooks payment support

    1. When you want to check application status.
    2. When you want to transfer a payment account connection from QuickBooks online to QuickBooks desktop
    3. If you want to confirm when deposits should be received or credit, you should contact QuickBooks payment support.
    4. When you want to cancel or close your payments account.
    5. When you want to research on specific transactions, batches, or non-deposited funds.
    6. When Check your monthly statement
    7. When you want to Inquire about retrieval or chargeback letters and/or chargeback debits
    8. When you want to Reopen a closed or canceled Payments account
    9. Get assistance with risk, security and fraud-related issues, as they related to credit card transactions being accepted or processed.
    10.  Verify your monthly processing limits by contacting QuickBooks payment support
    11. When you want to Inquire about a decline response when attempting to charge a cardholder.
    12. When you want to Obtain or verify your account number
    Answered on July 2, 2019.
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