What’s the difference between Pro, Premier and Enterprise?

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    Want to know the differences between QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, and Enterprise?

    It is imperative for businesses to keep track of their expenses and revenue in order to operate successfully and since the days of hand-written receipts and green journal ledgers are long gone, it becomes even more important to use accounting software.

    Each edition of the QuickBooks provides a different level of features and information. So, what does the QuickBooks Pro offer?

    The QuickBooks Premier version is on the higher end for large businesses which allows you to track inventory, back orders, purchase orders, sales orders and create invoices.

    The QuickBooks Enterprise is all your business needs and is an advanced version of the Pro and Premier.

    Below we discuss the major differences between QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, and Enterprise:-

    # of simultaneous usersUp to 30Up to 5Up to 5
    Data file size1 GB or more150-200 MB max150-200 MB max
    Create & e-mail quotesYESYESYES
    Create & e-mail sales ordersYESYESNO
    Create & e-mail invoicesYESYESYES
    Create & e-mail purchase ordersYESYESYES
    Optimized for larger data files and network usageYESNONO
    Print checks, pay bills and manage expensesYESYESYES
    Track sales and customer paymentsYESYESYES
    Track credit cardsYESYESYES
    Track sales taxYESYESYES
    Manage payroll, payroll taxes and direct depositsYESYESYES
    Set reminders and create to-do listsYESYESYES
    One-click business reports150+ industry-specific150+ industry-specific100+
    Import data from previous versions of QuickBooksYESYESYES
    Import data from ExcelYESYESYES
    Import data from QuickenYESYESYES
    Import data from PeachtreeYESYESYES
    Download bank and credit card transactionsYESYESYES
    Multiple currency capabilitiesYESYESYES
    Create a business planYESYESNO
    Create a budgetYESYESYES
    Forecast sales and expensesYESYESNO
    Customize your invoices and other formsYESYESYES
    Create industry-specific reportsYESYESNO
    Track inventory set reorder pointsYESYESYES
    Create inventory assemblies and bills of materialYESYESNO
    Track inventory in multiple warehouses, serial/lot # tracking, bar codingYESNONO
    Free 10GB secure online data backup planYESNONO
    Keep your office and field service techs in sync and accept mobile paymentsYESNONO
    Looking for further help and support?

    If you need any further help. And also faceing any issue while using QB accounting software. Or your QuickBooks is not working. Dial our QuickBooks Enterprise support phone number +1-855-441-44417. To get access to our premium support services. If you are a Pro user, dial our QuickBooks Customer Help service.

    Answered on June 24, 2019.
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