What ll do when , QuickBooks online printing problems occur ?

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        • I undoubtedly perceive however vital it’s for a business to be ready to print out dealing info from QuickBooks on-line. whereas i am not precisely positive what is stopped your transactions from printing properly, I do have many suggestions that we are able to attempt to hopefully get you duplicate and running once more.
        • First, you might want to try printing from another browser. Some browsers, like Chrome or Firefox, can have a default PDF viewer installed that can override Adobe and make printing impossible. Sometimes printing from another browser can get around that default viewer and restore your printing ability. Also, if one browser has pushed through an update that’s caused printing to stop working normally, switching browsers can sometimes be a kind of “quick fix” until you have more time to dig a bit deeper.
        • Next, we’ll want to make sure that we have either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader installed on our system. Since QuickBooks Online uses Adobe to print, it’s important we have the correct program installed to read and open the file to be printed. Here’s a quick way to check if the program is installed:
        1. On the bottom left of your computer, on your Windows taskbar, click the Start button.
        1. Go to Control Panel or Settings, then click Control Panel.
        1. Click on Add or Remove Programs.
        1. A list of programs will populate. If you have both Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader installed, we strongly recommend that you uninstall the free Adobe Reader program.

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      Answered on July 21, 2017.
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