what kind of printer do i need to print checks ?

    so plz help me what kind of printer do i need to print checks ? provide the answer

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      This is really a very good question. It is very important to know everything about the right printer so that you can choose a suitable printer to print your own checks because one simple error can ruin the whole process.

      You can use almost any printer to print your own checks. However, it is best to use the printer of magnetic ink because some banks have magnetic readers on their computers that read the routing information and bank account number on the bottom of the check.

      Advantages of Magnetic Ink Printer:

      • It contains magnetic particles that helps to encode your bank account information and routing information with special numbers.
      • It will make your processing time fast.
      • You can use the magnetic ink for any printing job that you will do.

      Limitations of Magnetic Ink Printer:

      • It is harder to find, however it is usually available at Staples, Office Max and Office depot.
      • It is a little bit more expensive then regular ink.

      If you have already had your banking and routing numbers pre printed, then you do not need the magnetic ink. In that case, the only software you need is any money management software. It will be easier to use pre printed blank checks, however you can still print a check from scratch with these programs.

      Hope this answer will be helpful for you. If you also want to fix any printing problem, you can go through this link: Troubleshooting QuickBooks Printing Problems.

      Answered on July 21, 2017.
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