What is the QuickBooks Enterprise ODBC Driver? How to install it?


    I need to install ODBC driver. Please guide me step by steps.

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      Here, I am happy to help you to know about OBDC driver. QuickBooks Enterprise can only be used to generate invoice, deposits and financial transactions. The Enterprise ODBC (Open Database Connectivity)Driver software will help you to create an accurate report and export them to Microsoft Office application such as MS Excel, MS Access, Crystal Report, File manager or .net. QuickBooks Enterprise generates an additional report on the financial transactions in your business.


      Let’s start to do some steps to setup ODBC Driver:

        1. Open the QuickBooks Enterprise and click on Utilities in the Menu bar.
        1. Select “Configuration ODBC” in drop down options.
        1. Choose “Use the company File That’s Now Open in QuickBooks”
        1. Turn on “Test Connection to QuickBooks”
        1. Select “Detail tracing” in the message section.
        1. Turn on “Display Optimizer status Panel
        1. Click on Optimizer tab and make sure the path of Optimizer has ODBC.
        1. Choose “The last Time I pressed one of the load Data Buttons” and click on Apply to allow QuickBooks to configure the driver.


      Hope this answer will be helpful. If you also want to know how to configure OBDC driver and many more related to any QuickBooks error, please go through this link: Install and configure the QuickBooks Enterprise ODBC Driver

      Answered on July 12, 2017.
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