what is the Process for Update of Quickbooks Point of Sale to latest Release.

    How to update QuickBooks Point of sale to the latest release?

    Asked on September 5, 2018 in No Category.
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      Anyone can update to the latest version of QuickBooks point of sales manually or automatically.
      What you have to do is to turn on the automatic updates and it will allow the QuickBooks point of sale to download the latest version,  whether the program is running or not.
      We suggest you update QuickBooks point of sale once a month.

      Check it out if you have the latest version for your point of sale :                                              

      1. Select help and go to option about the point of sale.
      2. Now in about point of sale window find out current version and release.
      3. Find out the latest release supportable for your device.

      Download and establish the point of sale release update:

      1. Go towards the download and update webpage.
      2. Coming out of select product dash down, select QuickBooks point of sale.
      3. Coming out of select edition dash down, select relevant release.
      4. Coming out of select version dash down, select the relevant edition of the year.
      5. Choose “search”.
      6. Choose the get the latest updates at that moment save the file to the download update.
      7. Just after the download is accomplished, double-click on instate the file, you will be permitted to restart windows after the establishment is integrated.
      8. You can instate manual update athwart your network one of two by :

      Penetrate the instate file on your computer from the additional computer.

      Plagiarize the instate file to a flash drive to the desktop of an additional computer.

      To update QuickBooks automatically:

      To update Quickbooks  use desktop point of sale update:

      1. From the help, table chooses software update and select check for updates.
      2. Choose the update now radio button,  then choose “ok”.
      3. Just as the update is completed, note emerges close Quickbooks point of sale for desktop and re-establish your computer.

      How you can download automatically in future:

      1. If you want future updates on time, use this option, From the help “menu” choose “software update” and select “updater preference”.
      2. For turning automatic updates, click on the “general tab” and choose the “radio button” for downloading the update automatically.
      3. For sharing automatic downloads with additional computers on your network, choose shared downloads tab click yes.
      4. Choose “ok”.
      Answered on September 6, 2018.
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