What is the Multi- Monitor Support Features in QuickBooks Desktop?

    What is the Multi-Monitor Support Features in QuickBooks Desktop?

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      You probably could spread out the entire QuickBooks Desktop application across those monitors or assign QuickBooks to the specific you wanted to use right now. So you are wondering how this new Multi-monitor Support is any different way.
      How would you like to open your check register in one windowand have it displayed on one moniter?

      Then open the reconcile feature in a window that you drag onto a secondmoniter and finally open a specific transaction you are reviewing for reconciliation purposes and put that transaction on a third moniter.

      QuickBooks Desktop Multi-Monitor overview:-

      QuickBooks Multi-Monitor is a feature available in QuickBooks Desktop 2018 and later. If you have multiple monitor, you can now use QuickBooks Desktop on each one to be even productive.

      QuickBooks multi-Monitor Checklist:-

      The following are required to use Multi-Monitor mode:-
      1:- Font scaling setting for all screens/monitors are at the default level.
      2:- Ensure in your windows Display setting that all monitors are aligned horizontally even.
      3:- Do not adjust or change your screen resulation or DPI setting.

      For Best possible experience, we also recommend:-

      1:- Ensure all screen or monitor are at the same resolution.
      2:- Use the toggle button to move windows from one monitor to the next.

      To enable the feature, go to the QuickBooks View menu and click Switch to Multi-monitor Mode.

      Limitations of QuickBooks Multi-Monitor Mode:-

      1:- Using Single View mode:- If you have the preference set to Single view, you will not be able to use Multi-Monitor Mode.
      2:- Third Party Multi-Monitor Program:- Some 3rd party multi-monitor programs will not work properly when used with QuickBooks Multi-Monitor mode. For best result use Windows native Multi-Monitor Support.

      If you want to know more information for this then you Contact the QuickBooks tech Support Phone Number +1-855-441-4417 and Get the Help.

      Answered on September 20, 2017.
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