What is the general ledger in QuickBooks?

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      In this answer What is the general ledger in QuickBooks. The default view for a General Ledger report provides you with a summary of all the transactions for the current month. The General Ledger reports provide the starting balance, ending balance and all of the transactions for the period organized by account. It is vital to notice that you just could have totally different|many various|many alternative} journals that track different amounts in your business. The General Ledger report provides a way to quickly scan your registers for unexpected ending balances, credits posted to expense accounts and debits posted to revenue accounts.

      How does the general ledger are work:

      It’s the main accounting record for business and it’s supported bookkeeping. This double-entry system ensures that all accounts are always in balance. Both your balance sheet and income statement are based on data in the general ledger.

      How is a General Ledger Set Up and Maintained?

      It is vital to notice that you just could have totally different|many various|many alternative journals that track different amounts in your business. Each journal records transactions. For example, you’ll have a sales journal, a money disbursement journal, a purchases journal, a receipts journal, etc. You will take the information from these journals and place the information into your general ledger.

      The first step of setting up a general ledger is to open your ledger. This amount will not be equal to 0. Instead, you’ll have any tangible assets and endowed money listed as assets.

      Once you have opened a ledger, it is important to maintain the accounting cycle. The accounting cycle includes the following steps:

      • Record all business transactions in the appropriate journals – update this daily.
      • Ensure that all debits and credits are posted to the general ledger.
      • Make any needed adjustments for items such as bad debts or accrued interest into the general ledger.
      • Once you’ve accounted for all revenue and expenses, you can post net profits in the owner equity category.
      • Prepare any of your required financial statements at the end of business periods.
      • Keep current on the accounting cycle to make less work for yourself in the long run.


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      Answered on September 23, 2017.
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