What is Sync Paypal account with QuickBooks Online?

    so plz help me What is Sync Paypal account with QuickBooks Online? provide the answer

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      What is Sync Paypal account with QuickBooks Online?

      If you are using PayPal app then you can easily sync it with QuickBooks Online free. It will automatically transfer your some PayPal information to QuickBooks securely such as:

      • PayPal sales transactions, fees, taxes, tips and discounts.
      • Automatically create receipts of your sales.
      • Your bank transfers and expenses are downloaded into default categories.
      • You can keep record of your past transactions up to 18 months.

      Here we are going to know how to get started with some simple methods:

      1. Open QuickBooks.
      2. On the left navigation menu, go to Apps then click on Sync with PayPal.
      3. Click on the Get the App Now tab to start the setup.
      4. Click on Authorize to authorize QuickBooks to access your PayPal account.
      5. Login into your PayPal account.
      6. Click on Grant Permission from your account to access any transactions.
      7. Click on OK, let’s go.

      The process of sync is completed. Now, you can add an account. If you want to import PayPal transactions and improve your cash flow with QuickBooks and PayPal, you can go to the link for more detail: PayPal Integration with QuickBooks Online.


      Answered on July 6, 2017.
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