What is QuickBooks?


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      QuickBooks is a Accounting Software.It is easy to used in any accounting and marketing field. QuickBooks are Manly generated two types of business small and medium-size of business QuickBooks. accounting software or marketing software did not function as a “double – entry” accounting package.QuickBooks is one among the most effective accounting software, existing for all the transactions processes, for billing payment, for money inflow and outflow as well as for maintaining the company’s accountancy in a very well settled manner.

      Advantages of Quickbooks

      • QuickBooks is released by Intuit supports in praise and appropriate controlling of economic information.
      •  It makes things easier even if it’s the complex data to that level wherever it can be effortlessly combined.
      •  It offers accounting solutions for any businesses. You can run your business enhanced with QuickBooks.
      •  It is trouble-free to do invoicing through QuickBooks. It saves our time and does our work faster.

      Disadvantages of Quickbooks

      • Expensive and costly.
      •  Upgrade fees.
      •  Number of releases and features,makes quick books more complicated to use. 


      Answered on July 21, 2017.
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