What is QuickBooks online hosting?


    can anyone describe QuickBooks online Hosting?

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      we are talking about QuickBook Online hosting.you can see hare what is online hosting process. The intuit Hosting Program allows end-users to have their authorized copies of QuickBooks desktop software system put in on servers in an authorized remote hosting facility, so access that software system over the internet on a virtual desktop via a secure connection and a web browser.

      QuickBooks has long been a perfect choice for an organization’s accounting desires. because the demand for Internet-based access to applications has adult in recent times, intuit has free a Web-specific version of QuickBooks that’s called QuickBooks online hosting

      Quickbooks initially preserved this feels like a logical progression; if bookkeepers and accountants have any time, anyplace access to QuickBooks they will be able to offer higher service to their shoppers. sadly there’s abundant lost within the transition from the desktop to online version of QuickBooks and therefore the result’s a mediocre experience for the user. as an example, you can not perform the following functions with Quickbooks

      Read: To know comparison b/w QuickBooks Online, Desktop, and Hosting.

      Answered on May 30, 2017.
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