what is QuickBooks Error Code 1904? how can i fix it?

    when I use QuickBooks, a pop-up comes on my screen “Error Code 1904” what can I do?.

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      The error code 1904 pop up on the computer screen usually caused by an incorrect file setting or damaged file. And this error can also occur if you are installing QuickBooks Desktop after upgrading your operating system (such as from Windows Vista to Windows 7) and your computer was not rebooted after the upgrade.

      But do not worry about it, Here I have some instructions to share.

      For Additional details: https://www.wizxpert.com/quickbooks-error-1904/

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      Answered on December 6, 2017.
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        Method 1: Run the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool

        Quickbooks diagnostic tool will be helpful only if you have upgraded your QuickBooks to a new version.

        • Select the option Ignore in the message window and finish installing QuickBooks.
        • Do not open the Quickbooks.
        • Restart your computer.
        • Download and start the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool.
        • Restart your computer again.

        Method 2: Manually fix windows components

        You can repair specific windows components on your own.

        However, you must only do these troubleshooting steps if you are it professional or confident windows user.

        Method 3: Change windows account settings

          Switch to the windows administrator account

        • Open the windows start menu.
        • Type the CMD in the search area. Right-click on CMD run icon then select run as administrator.
        • Type “net user administrator /active: yes” in the command window and press Enter. When the command is finished, close the command window.
        • Open the windows start menu and select sign-out.
        • Go to the administrator account and sign in. you must not need a password.

        Change your user permissions

        • Open the Windows Start menu.
        • Type “File Explorer” into the search and open File Explorer.
        • Search for C:\Program Files\Common Files.
        • Right-click on the Common Files folder, and then choose Properties.
        • Go to the Security tab, and then select Edit.
        • Go to the “Group or user names” section, then select Users.
        • In the “Permissions for Users” section, turn on the following permissions: Modify, Read & execute, List folder contents, Read, Write.
        • Select Apply and then OK.

        Reinstall QuickBooks and sign out

        • Follow these steps if you need detailed instructions for installing QuickBooks Desktop. This shouldn’t impact any existing company file data.
        • When the install is finished, open the Windows Start menu and sign out of the administrator account.
        • Sign in to your regular user account.
        • Open the Windows Start menu.
        • Type command or “CMD” into the search. When you see the CMD Run icon, right-click it and then select Run as administrator.
        • Type “net user administrator /active: no” in the command window and press Enter. This hides your administrator account.

        If you can open QuickBooks with your regular account, you’re good to go.


        Answered on July 29, 2019.
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