What is QuickBooks error code 12029? How can we resolve this error?

    I am getting QuickBooks error code 12029. I do not understand why it is happening. Please help me this erorr.

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      QuickBooks error code 12029 occur when you area attempting to change QuickBooks or update a QuickBooks payroll service. These errors area unit usually caused by a network timeout that’s preventing QuickBooks from accessing the server, general internet connection problems, or by web security and firewall settings.

      There are many reason behind this error :

      These errors are caused by QuickBooks not being able to utilize your Internet connection on your computer.

      • These errors can also be caused by general Internet connection failures.
      • A network timeout that is preventing QuickBooks from accessing the server.
      • Internet security or firewall settings that are blocking the connection.
      • The fact that Internet Explorer may not be the default browser.
      • Incorrect SSL settings.
      • If QuickBooks connectivity failures occur.
      • If connection issues in QuickBooks.
      • When QuickBooks connection error .
      • Timeout the update of QuickBooks.
      • If QuickBooks is blocked from accessing the server.

      To fix QuickBooks error code 12029:

      Follow the steps to solve the error:

      • First, you have to change your system settings and start as ‘ADMINISTRATOR’.
      • Click on the start icon and select ‘ALL PROGRAMS<ACCESSORIES<SYSTEM TOOLS’.
      • Select ‘SYSTEM RESTORE’ and click on the ‘RESTORE MY COMPUTER TO EARLIER TIME’ in new window option that appears and then click ‘NEXT’.
      • Click ‘RESTORE POINT’ from the list, select ‘NEXT’ and ‘CONFIRM’ it.
      • After completing the restoration process, restart the system for changes to appear.

      Now, you check the error if resolved or if not.

      Solution 1 : While updating QuickBooks when the error occur.

      Solution 2 : While updating QuickBooks when the error appear.

      I hope the given information is helpful for you and if you need more details you can contact QuickBooks payroll service.

      Answered on June 1, 2017.
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