What is QuickBooks Error 6129, 0 and how can i resolve it?


    I am facing an error in my QuickBooks (6129,0). When i try to create a QuickBooks company file, it comes.

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      QB Error 6129, 0- An Introduction

      This error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access your company file or when Qb database connection verification fails. The user can not open company records because of error -6129 -0. You can contact  QuickBooks Technical support phone number, This support team will help you resolve your queries.

      Reason behind error 6129, 0

        • All Desktop in multi- user mode configuration are running the updated version of QuickBooks
        • Maybe network data files are corrupted/damaged.
        • The domain of client and server are different.
        • QuickBooks Desktop installation files damaged.

      How to resolve this error

      Note: Before performing these steps ensure that your QuickBooks is updated.

      Solution 1: Try to update your company file.

      Firstly, try opening another company file like “sample file” to confirm that the error is especially for your file or all files. Now sign in to Windows as an Admin to update your company file. If do not have an admin login you can use, find support for a window or an IT specialist for assistance.

      Solution 2: If you are master in Easy Step Interview, perform this solution

        • Click the Leave Button.
        • Click Yes to “save the file” message.
        • Now Enter a different filename and Save.

      Solution 3: Disable antivirus and other software, if you are using safe mode window

        • Restart the PC in safe mode
        • Now, disable the antivirus software. ( Before disabling the antivirus software ensure that your internet connection is disconnected)
        • Next, Create the new company file. And restart the computer in normal mode.
        • Open QB and your company file.

      Solution 4: Rename all “.nd” files of your QuickBooks 

        • Search from your computer hard drive that your QuickBooks company file Shared folder for files named .nd.
        • Rename all .nd file which is same as your company file name. Right click the .nd file and select Rename.
        • Enter .OLD at the end of the file name.
        • If you only use QB on a single computer, you can open the company file now. But if you access the same company file on multiple Computer follow the next steps.
        • Click Window start button and select Programs>QuickBooks>QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
        • Now select the scan folder tab
        • If there is no company file folder, Add folder.
        • Click Scan.
        • After the compilation of scan close it.
        • Open the company file.

      Solution 5: Create a fresh and new folder and move the company files

        • Create a new folder for Your Company files.
        • Now, Move the.QBW files only (Company files) to the new folder.
        • If you use QB on a single computer, you can open the company file but if you access the same company file on many computers then proceed to step 4.
        • Click the Window start button and choose Programs>QuickBooks>QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
        • Now, Click the Scan Folders tab.
        • If the QuickBooks Company file folder does not exist, Click Add Folder to add a new folder.
        • Click scan.
        • After the compilation of scan, click Close.
        • Open the company file.

      Solution 6: Make sure that all computer system are Working on single domain

      Please consult to IT specialist or Network Administrator to add your computer system to the domain.

       If Error still exists you should contact QuickBooks Error Support team, This Support team will resolve your error within few minute. They will guide you step to step to solve the issues.

      Answered on May 29, 2017.
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