What is QuickBooks Credit Card Processing ?


    Describe QuickBooks Credit Card Processing  and whats are the  advantages and dis advantages in Quickbooks Credit Card

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      QuickBooks Credit Card Processing means Grow your Business by accounting credit cards.

      • There are some clear advantages to accepting credit and debit card payments in your business. You give your customers the convenience of paying by mobile phone , by tablets on line ,or in QuickBooks .
      • To Get the most out of accepting credit cards, take some time to learn more about who you ‘ll work with to process payments how to get set up , how to avoid problems, what to look for in a processor , and how to keep your fees low .
      • Get to know the key players:Every time you accept a credit or debit card payment , several organizations work together to complete the transaction .
      • The key players include :
      1. Merchant bank : The financial institution that provides you with a merchant account . the merchant bank will handle credit card transactions to your bank account and charge a fee called a discount rate .
      2. Processors :Third parties that merchant banks may partner with to share there responsibilities . they’re authorized to set up merchant account’s quote you a discount rate , and route credit card transaction to the right networks. They manage the all the relationship between you and other players .the benefits to you may include better customer service and integrated business solution (beyond just accepting credit cards) Processors are paid on a per transaction fee basis , which is included in your discount rate .
      • Issuing bank or issuer :The financial institution that provides the credit card to the end user.

      Ways to process a credit card in QuickBooks:

      There are two ways to process a credit card in QuickBooks:

      • Receive Payment: When invoices are provide product or services then applies to QuickBooks customers.
      • Enter Sales Receipt: Where no invoice is used applies there to sales of products or services.

      Card payment Brand :
      Associations such as visa , Master card , and American Express . they charge you an interchange fee, which they share with the issuing bank . Some brands such as American Express and Discover issue cards directly to consumers , without a bank intermediary . Information regarding the Quicbooks  GoPayment Support Toll free Number 8554414417

      Answered on May 29, 2017.
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