What is Intuit QuickBooks Sync Manager and what to do if it is not working?

    Please provide step by step solutions to fix this error.

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      With new changes and technology improvements, Intuit had officially announced regarding discontinuation of Intuit Sync Manager. With the help of QuickBooks sync manager, you can sync your desktop application with other third party apps as well as your internal add-ons securely. It help to exchange data between your desktop data and that of the version that stored in Intuit cloud server.

      Sometimes, Sync manager doesn’t works and shows error while uploading data due to following reasons:

      1. Network problem during data transfer and not proper setting of firewall. To fix this, access the server URL https://services.intuit.com and https://datasync.intuit.com.
      2. Its trusted certificate is no longer valid. For this, go to C:\ProgramData\Intuit\SyncManager in your PC and remove the file SBConnect.crt and run the setup again.

      If you want to know more about this error, please see this link for more help: QuickBooks Sync Manager Error.

      Answered on July 12, 2017.
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