What I have to do if My QuickBooks Apps have disappeared suddenly?

    Please provide me solutions

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      I am very happy to share my experience of this issue, so what to do if your QuickBooks App has disappeared. Don’t worry. You need to do some simple steps to get back the icon of the App.

      Lets get start to do:

      • Go to QuickBooks Online company.
      • From the left navigation pane, click on Apps .
      • Then click on the My Apps tab.
      • Please find the Sync with PayPal app,
      • Then click on Settings.
      • Click on the Edit next to App Settings.
      • Choose appropriate correct values from the drop-downs for the App settings.
      •  If a setting has no value, you need to create the item in QuickBooks.

      If issue persists then you should contact QuickBooks Customer Support team.

      Answered on June 26, 2017.
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