What are the new QBO features and Improvement?

    new features added in June..

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      Intuit updates QuickBooks in June month and provide users some new features and also improved some exist features in QuickBooks. Have a look changes in QuickBooks:

        1. Employee self-setup in QuickBooks Online Payroll


        1. New and improved custom statement tools in QuickBooks Online


        1. Customize invoice templates from your iOS mobile device


        1. Accept mobile payments and receive free bank transfers in QuickBooks Self-Employed


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      Answered on July 10, 2017.
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        Here are some new features of QuickBooks online added by intuit recently to make accounting more easy and enjoyable.

        1. Multiple Invoicing- This feature is available in QuickBooks online advanced. With multiple invoicing, you can streamline the creation, editing and sending of large amounts of multiple invoices in just a few clicks
        2. Import invoices- In the new invoice import functionality, you can create hundreds of invoice transactions at a time by importing a CSV file into QuickBooks.
        3. Client overview- Now in QuickBooks online users can use this dashboard to get to where you want to go in fewer clicks with deep-links that will take you directly to important transaction reports, specific bank accounts and the Enhanced Custom Fields where  Users can use various field types, which are translated to reporting throughout the books.
        4. Third Accountant User- QuickBooks online users will soon be able to add up to three accountant users (other versions of QuickBooks Online can add only up to two). This new benefit will help accounting professionals be better positioned to meet the various requirements of their more complex clients.
        5. Additional Custom User Permissions- Custom user permissions give users selective access to work in one or more areas, such as sales transactions, expense transactions, sales reports, expense reports, and bank deposits. It also allows users to configure permissions dozens of various ways to manage access to sensitive data. Selected access for sales transactions such as invoices or estimates will also be introduced.
        Answered on July 29, 2019.
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