What are the new features in QuickBooks Pro 2017?

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    Here in this article: we discuss the new features in QuickBooks Pro. Check the points and also see the infographic given below:

    QB pro is a GST ready cloud accounting software where we can store software and the data online. It can be used for security purpose so that we can save the data of the industry. You can back up your information. This is the finest small business accounting software. You can complete everyday tasks faster with simplified customer forms.

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    New features in QuickBooks Pro-2017 are:

    • Automated report: In this feature, you can set up and customize the report easily.
    • Smart search: In this feature, You can search the name of any user very easily.
    • Report filters: In this feature, you can easily check which type of filters you are using in the report.

    QuickBooks Pro - Accounting Software | Infographics

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    Answered on June 24, 2019.
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