what are the new features available in QuickBooks 2015

    Explane the New Features In QuickBooks 2015

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      The QuickBooks 2015 provides following features

      • Insight tab in the Home window: This tab highlights company’s financial status and activity by different colors. Green bar represents monthly income, blue bars indicate your monthly expenses and black graphs indicates your profit by month
      • Income tracker upgrades: This colored boxes helps to track the number of open invoices, overdue invoices, and a recent customer payment. It also displays a box for unbilled time and expenses
      • Update reminders window:Reminder window displays to-dos and transaction that are due as of today
      • Pinned notes:Note associated with a customer, vendor or employee can be pinned and every time you select the subject, it will also display the note associated with it
      • New report formatting:The new reports view makes it much easier to read. The rows for top level categories are shaded gray, lower level category are shaded beige and totals are shaded light gray


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      Answered on July 11, 2017.
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