What are the greatest features of the QuickBooks Payroll in 2017?


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      QuickBooks Payroll 2017 included new and improved features for client to complete task in less time than before. QuickBooks is simply rising the already existing features in its new versions. Intuit always tries to add extra features to QuickBooks, so that it can provide more benefit to its users. Here are the latest features of QuickBooks Payroll at 2017.
      Create Paychecks
      Direct Deposit for Employees, Direct Deposit for 1099 Contractors
      View My Paycheck
      Federal Forms
      State Forms
      E-file and E-pay
      Intuit Workers’ Comp Payment Service (latest feature added to our payroll service)
      No tax penalties guaranteed, Free expert support
      Create tax forms for clients on Standard or Basic payroll
      Auto-Fill option for Paid Preparer information
      Above are the some new features in QuickBooks Payroll 2017. For more detail about features visit QuickBooks Payroll Support.

      Answered on July 19, 2017.
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