What are the features of the QuickBooks Payroll

    what are the features of quickbooks payroll suppot

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      myself Nitin i live in united states working with quickbooks last 6 years read this to more info

      QuickBooks Payroll is a new method that helps your payroll manage easily and correctly without the need to use excel and calculator. It’s fast and simple and makes your business more productive. If you have any questions or questions about QuickBooks payroll, call our QuickBooks Payroll Support Number and get immediate answers from experts.

      QB Payroll services come in two sub-editions or versions, namely:
      QuickBooks Basic Payroll, and
      QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll

      The QB Basic Payroll gives you the following features:
      It automatically calculates your taxes
      It helps you manage bonuses, commissions and overtime
      In addition, it helps you payroll process for both hourly and salaried employees
      This allows you to immediately payroll process for W2 employees
      Apart from this, it helps you to choose different deductions for each employee

      Answered on April 16, 2018.
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