What are the features of the QuickBooks Payroll in 2017?

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      QuickBooks is the most in demand accounting software available in the market nowadays. Intuit always tries to add extra features to Quickbooks, so that it can provide more benefit to its users.

      Here are the latest features of Quickbooks Payroll at 2017.

      1) Create Paychecks

      Create paychecks with automatic tax calculations. Print and hand them over to your employees. Note: Nominal usage fee may apply.

      2) Direct Deposit for Employees

      You have the option to deposit your employee’s payroll directly to your employee’s current or savings bank account. Note: Nominal per-transaction and per-payroll transmission fees may apply.

      3) Direct Deposit for 1099 Contractors

      Direct Deposit for 1099 Contractors provides QuickBooks payroll customers the ability to send direct deposits to 1099 Independent Contractors. Note: Nominal per-check fee may apply.

      4) ViewMyPaycheck

      ViewMyPaycheck is a website (ViewMyPaycheck ) that makes it easy for employers to give employees 24/7 online access to their own paycheck info. No more printing and mailing pay stubs every payday or replacing lost or damaged pay stubs.

      5) Federal Forms

      With Quickbooks Payroll Standard and Enhanced Payroll, QuickBooks Desktop automatically fills in the latest W-2, 94x Forms, 1099/1096 Form and other Federal Forms.

      6) State Forms

      With Enhanced Payroll, QuickBooks Desktop automatically fills in the latest State Tax Forms. With Assisted Payroll, Intuit files and pays the taxes for you.

      7) E-file and E-pay

      You can set the filing method of your Federal and State forms to E-file. Also, you can set the payment method for your scheduled Federal and State tax payments with E-Pay, and conveniently pay the appropriate tax agencies in QuickBooks Desktop. This is available in Quickbooks Payroll, Enhanced and to selected states only.

      8) Intuit Workers’ Comp Payment Service (latest feature added to our payroll service)

      You estimate nothing; you pre-pay nothing. By coupling your workers’ comp and payroll systems, Workers’ Compensation Payment Service automatically pays your Workers’ Comp premiums every pay period based on your actual payroll data. You never pay too much, too little, or a late fee for forgetting to send a payment.

      9) No tax penalties guaranteed

      No Penalties Guaranteed with Quickbooks Desktop Payroll Assisted: if the data you provide is accurate, on time, and your account is sufficiently funded, your payroll tax deposits.
      10) Create tax forms for clients on Standard or Basic payroll

      Produce federal and state tax forms for clients with Basic or Standard Payroll subscriptions.
      11) Filing as a Reporting Agent

      QB’s provide a capability to file Federal forms those are real authorized e-file Provider, it provides an authentication.


      If you have any QuickBooks related enquiry or you need any help in handling Quickbooks accounting contact QuickBooks Pro Support.

      Answered on July 12, 2017.
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