What are the causes of installation error in QuickBooks with Mac? How to fix it?

    Please provide me solution.

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      I am very happy to get you know about QuickBooks installation error with Mac. Due to this error, the program does not start or just appears for a few time after clicking on the QuickBooks Desktop or company file icon. It is really very irritating for users.

      Causes of this error are:

      • Opening of QuickBooks multiple times. You need to allow sufficient time for QuickBooks to load before continuing.
      • Incorrect method to open file.
      • Problem with reports.
      • Using of improper version of QuickBooks
      • Improper file name or data corrupt.

      Let’s start to fix it:

      • Open Macbook Pro.
      • Go to ‘File -> Utility -> Verify Data
      • Click on End / restart.
      • Now, RestartMacBook Pro


      Hope this will be beneficial for you. Get more detail from the article on QuickBooks Installation Error for Windows and Mac.

      Answered on July 18, 2017.
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