What are the benefits of time tracking in QuickBooks?

    How to track my inventory over the globe. I can’t understand what can I do. please provide me the correct way to get information.

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      As we know, tracking means to follow something. In QuickBooks, time tracking in QuickBooks is the quick and simple internet-based way for a user to track the time of customers .

      With Time Tracking, you can get following business benefits in accounting as:

      • You can easily track the working time by your employees.
      • You can also allocate job or activity to a project or customer and can make bill for their activity. The users have to create simple time sheets online in computer.
      • You can keep secure to your finances by giving these users “time entry” only access and select whether or not strict from seeing their billing rate.
      • You can capture all bill of customers from browsers in computer or Smartphones in any track.
      • You can get back your lost revenue.
      • It will save your time by getting your customer’s paid faster to consume cash money.
      • You can give review your employee’s time-sheets and can approve.


      After specifying rates and time of bill, amount of time detail will automatically appear on customer invoices including following as:

      • The name of employee.
      • per hour rate charged.
      • The time taken in hours billed.
      • You can modify to show following:
        • Description field on the time sheet.
        • Name of the using standard service.
        • Custom text you have used for time tracking charges.
      Answered on May 29, 2017.
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