QuickBooks Point of sale could not create the some necessary account in your QuickBooks. How it is work?

    How it is work ?  please explain this?

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      QuickBooks Point of Sale must be able to access the POS company data that is stored on the Server Workstation. In a networked installation, the connection issues outlined below most commonly apply when a Client workstation is unable to locate or connect to the data on the Server Workstation.

      There are certain prerequisites to being able to access the Point of Sale data, whether it is being accessed from the Server or Client Workstation.

      1. The Server Workstation must be turned on (but Point of Sale need not be running).
      2. Firewall software must be properly configured to allow Point of Sale components to access needed ports.

      If a workstation cannot locate or connect to the POS company data, you may see an error message similar to that shown below.

      Application could not find, could not connect to, or could not open company data.

      When encountering connection difficulties on a Server Workstation, the first step is for the user to sign onto the computer as a user with Windows Administrator rights.

      When encountering connection difficulties on a Client Workstation, the first step is for the user to sign-on to the Client Workstation as an administrator AND that an administrator also sign-on to the Server Workstation.

      Review the list of possible causes and solutions below to correct the problem.

      Company data was renamed, moved, or deleted – A list of the data files and Server Workstations found on the network is listed. Select the correct data/server and then select OK. On subsequent startups, the client workstation will reconnect to this same data.

      The data file does not have a unique name – Ensure that the POS data file has a unique name.

      The Server Workstation is not running. In order for a client workstation to access the data stored on the Server Workstation, the Server Workstation must be running – Once you are sure the Server Workstation and network are working, enter the Server Workstation computer name (can be found at Windows Control Panel † System † Computer Name on the Server) and POS company data file name (can be found in the Point of Sale title bar on the server) and then select OK.

      The Server Workstation has a different data file open than the one to which a client workstation is trying to connect –Open the correct company data on the Server Workstation or select to connect the currently open data.

      The network connection or configuration is not working – Check your network connections and cables on both Client and Server Workstations. Can you access other information on the Server Workstation from the client? Many network configuration parameters can influence the connection or performance of Point of Sale. An improperly configured network can cause all system resources to work harder, deterring from their ability to serve Point of Sale and other application requests. Following is a list of questions and answers related to the most common parameters that can adversely affect Point of Sale performance. Every computer and network configuration is unique; consult a qualified computer consultant for help, if necessary, to address networking issues. Consult with a qualified computer network specialist for help.

      Answered on November 3, 2017.
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