QuickBooks Online Redesign

    QuickBooks Labs is where you can try new and exciting QuickBooks plug-ins, provide feedback and help shape our products. QuickBooks Labs enables us to experiment with new features and gather real customer feedback before we roll them out within our products.

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      Starting next week, when you sign into your Quick Books Online, you will see a fresh, clean site on your desktop. To help streamline your accounting, Intuit redesigned Quick Books Online to be a smart, efficient place for you to get your accounting done fast and efficient.

      Design Enhancement

      None of the content or tools you use have been removed but we’ve reorganized a bit of them:

      • Header: Continuous header bar across screen with new, unified color and navigation buttons moved to the right.
      •  Navigation Bar: Clean navigation bar with lighter background and no icons.  A dark green, vertical indicator highlights your selection.
      •  Lists: Streamlined background (including headers) with brightened action items.
      •  Primary Button: New green color of consistency.

       New Homepage Dashboard

      Home is now called “Dashboard” – Quick Books Online is much more than just a general ledger; it enables you to really see inside your business and get insights that help you make better decisions. That’s why we’re renaming the homepage from “Home” to “Dashboard,” to better reflect its purpose. And don’t worry, only the name is changing, all your data will still be there

      We’ve been able to test the Redesigned Reports feature for some time now, via Quick Books Labs. This is a place where Intuit publishes “experimental plug-ins” for Quick Books Online as well. You can try a feature, give Intuit feedback, and see what might or might not be available in the future. If you don’t like the feature, you can turn it off it.

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      Answered on August 9, 2017.
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