How to get rid off quickbooks error 324

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    Generally, a manual update resolves most bank errors.  In this case, since you may need to update the information on the account, please handle any unaccepted transactions and then disconnect and reconnect the account.

    Here are the instructions on how to disconnect the bank account:

    To disconnect the account:

    1. Go to Transactions > Banking > Click the pencil at the top right of the bank account to Edit the account.
    2. On the Account page, check the box ‘Disconnect this account on save’.
    3. Confirm that you want to delete the connection and stop downloading transactions. The account stays in QuickBooks Online but isn’t automatically updated with downloaded transactions.

    If the issue persists, please handle all transactions for all accounts with this financial institution and then disconnect all accounts and reconnect them at the same time to refresh the whole site connection. Please report back if this does not resolve your issue!

    I have a credit card that will not download transactions anymore. I get Bank Account Error 324. The other accounts at this bank are downloading just fine. I am not sure if the credit card number needs to be updated. I can’t find a place to update the credit card number, so I’m stuck. Please help. We cannot reconcile our inventory items right now because of this.

    Answered on July 5, 2018.
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