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    Hi everyone,

    So, I’m running QB Pro 2019 Desktop. I have a problem that seems to be somewhat common, but QB support has been no help. While working with QB, for a short time, it will freeze and I’ll get a message that says QB has lost connection with my company file and has to abort. I’ve gone to their self help section where I found some “solutions” that ranged from moving the file to a different location to permissions and more. None worked. I called tech support and after a series of questions, she gave me the exact “solutions” that don’t correct the issue. I’ve been trying to find a third party tech support that might be able to log on to my computer, remotely, and fix the problem. After losing work, multiple times, because I forgot to save it every minute or two, I’m exploring a different software solution, but I like QB. Any help would be great!!

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      The company file must be on a computer hard drive, is it? I mean an installed hard drive, not a portable one and not the cloud or a cloud folder.
      Two quick thoughts:

        • Perhaps a fresh installation of QuickBooks hosting might help.
        • Perhaps you are running low on memory.



      Answered on August 28, 2019.
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