I want Set Up Statements in QuickBooks Online.

    Generally, The statement is a type of report that you send to your customers.  But want to know in detail about this.

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       The statement is a type of report that you send to your customers. It contains all the transactions made by the customer during a period of time.

      Statements are a great way to provide a recap of the products and/or services that were billed to a customer and payments received from a customer over a period of time, typically one month.

      If you prefer to send invoices to your customers then there is no need to send them a statement.

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       Set Up Statements

      You have 3 options to choose from when you set up statements.  It all depends on how much detailed information you want to provide to your customers on their purchase:

      • Sign in to QuickBooks account then go to the Gear Icon>Account and Setting>Company Setting.
      • On the left side of menu Choose Sales option.
      • Scroll down to select the statement option then you will get the three options shown in the below image.
      • The first option is List each transaction as a single line shown in below image.
      • The second option is List each transaction including all details line shown in below image.
      • Third one is Show aging table at the bottom of the statement this option provides list of charges billed this categorized by how long they have been outstanding
      • Once you have made the changes then click on save option.

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      Answered on December 2, 2017.
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