I am trying to import to QuickBooks online from QuickBooks Enterprise. I have followed the instructions online, but nothing is working?

    I am little bit confused. Can anyone describe me please….

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      The conversion tool of QuickBooks not work. The issue seems to be that the Quicken file is newer than the quickbooks desktop version. I followed the step by step instructions but got the error that the quicken file needed to be converted.

      Import into QuickBooks Online from QuickBooks Enterprise

      Using QuickBooks for Mac and See Import into QuickBooks Online from QuickBooks Desktop for Mac for your steps. Using QuickBooks Pro & Premier for Windows, See Import into QuickBooks Online from.

      Before you get started:

      • You must be an Administrator level user on your Quickbooks Online account.
      • You can only import QuickBooks Desktop data within the first 60 days of your QuickBooks Online company start date. your QuickBooks Desktop file will also replace your entire QB Online file and overwrite any existing information.
      • You must be logged in as the Admin user in your Desktop file.
      • If you receive any errors regarding the file you’re importing, see Errors Importing to QuickBooks Online
      • Your QuickBooks file must be under targets. see the Trimming your QuickBooks Windows file for importation.
      • To understand key differences and unsupported features prior to moving, see What’s not imported when you move from desktop to online.
      Answered on June 1, 2017.
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