I am getting QuickBooks error code 6129 0 while trying to access company files. What can be the reasons of this problem and how can I resolve it?


    I am unable to open company records and can’t access my company profiles.  I can’t understand how to fix this. Please provide me the correct correct solution.

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      QuickBooks Error code 6129 0 occur when database connection verification fails. Most probably cause is a network problem. Due to this, you will be unable to open company records and can’t find the computer or server that holds the file.

      Causes of QuickBooks error 6129 0 are as:

      • Network data files can be corrupted.
      • If there is a mismatch between the domain of client and that of the server.
      • If the latest version of QuickBooks does not run in a multi-user configuration of all computers.
      • If installation files get damaged or corrupted.

      Before fixing this problem, please make sure that all computers in QuickBooks installation have been updated to the latest version.

      Methods to fix this error code are as:

      1.Try to open another company file. For this, you need to log into Administrator Windows to update your company profile. If you can’t do this, you can find support for Windows or an IT Professional for assistance.

      2.When you experiences easy-step interview, do the following steps:

      • Click on Leave.
      • Click on “yes”, if you see the message of “save the file?”

      3. Rename the QuickBooks Network Descriptor (.nd) files.

      • Check that your files named in .nd
      • Rename the file by right click.

      4. Create another folder and move the QuickBooks company files.

      5. Be ensure all computers are working on one domain.

      6. If you are using Windows in Safe mode, display anti-virus,and other software by following methods:

      • Restart the system in safe mode.
      • Display anti-virus software.
      • Create a new company file.
      • Restart the system in normal mode.
      • Open QuickBooks and company profile.
      Answered on May 29, 2017.
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        Here’s a link to the solution of Error 6129, 0.

        visit – https://askproadvisor.com/question/what-is-quickbooks-error-6129-0-and-how-can-i-resolve-it/

        Answered on May 29, 2017.
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