I am facing multi-store exchange issues in QuicBooks pos. Anyone help me to solve this issue?

    I am facing multi-store exchange issues in QuicBooks pos. Anyone help me to solve this issue?

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      Recently, We heard about several problems or issues which occur during the multi-store exchange in QuickBooks Point Of Sale. Sometimes users are unable to receive mailbags even though there are pending mailbags due to this error. Users can get anyone of the following errors while trying to run multi-store exchange QuickBooks POS.

      • Error code 175135: Unable to decompress store exchange file
      • Error code 175305: Errors were encountered, choose  VIEW LOG to get more details
      • Error code 175414: An error is detected while copying a file to %s for %s
      • Error code 193: Primary key for dept keywords is not unique
      • Error code 175411: Entered a license number which is already used by another store
      • File s0X#####.qbt (Error code:2): Store Exchange password does not match the password in preferences.
      • No files waiting to be processed, select close to the exit.

      QuickBooks Point Of Sale Support. the team is always there to assist you. Call us anytime

      No files waiting to be processed, select close to exit

      First, verify that the mailbag you are attempting to receive is from a remote store or not.

      From the activity log, please ensure that the mailbag you are trying to process in does not start with the letter hq. If it does, then follow these steps as below:

      • From the Remote Store company file, select Edit > Preferences > Company.
      • Choose the Multi-store preference.
      • Click on Change to Remote Store.
      • Resend the mailbag from the remote store and try to process in again at Headquarters.
      • Now, configure firewall applications.

      General methods to fix the Multi-store exchange errors:

      Solution 1: Toggle the store exchange communication method

      Solution 2: Delete the .QBT files

      • Headquarters store
      • Remote stores

      Solution 3: For all stores reset the password

      Solution 4: Perform three complete exchange cycle

      This method is to ensure that no information is left (Stores > Send File).

      Solution 5: In compatibility mode, run point of sale (for windows 7 only)

      1. First, close the point of sale.
      2. Now, right-click the POS icon and select Troubleshoot compatibility.
      3. Now, select Troubleshoot Program and then choose Recommended Settings.
      4. Then, again perform another cycle of Store Exchange.

      For Additional Information:https://www.wizxpert.com/multi-store-exchange-issues-in-quickbooks-point-of-sale/

      Answered on December 2, 2017.
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