How To Up Grade From QuickBooks 2008 To QuickBooks 2015?

    I Am Currently Have QuickBooks 2008 Premier (UK) Edition And I Would like to Upgrade to The latest version (Not The Online version) And As I Can See The latest version is QuickBooks 2015.

    There Is any issue Upgrading From 2008 To 2015 Version.

    Also, I Can see There Is No Monthly/Annual Fee For 2015 version, Is that Right?

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      Just Install QuickBooks 2015 to New directory And then from The new Open Version Of QuickBooks just Path to The Old data File and Open It And It Will Upgrade directly Watch Out For The Options To keep Existing File For Use With Old QuickBooks 2008. Save New data file to the New location Of Your Choice. 

                                   For More Information About Monthly/Annual fee For 2015 Version Please Visit QuickBooks Pro Help.

      There Is No Any Type Of issue Upgrading From 2008 To 2015.

      QuickBooks Will open The New 2015 Version from Then On, While leaving QuickBooks 2008 to still run On the Old Data file. As Always Back First.

      If You Have Any issue Please Let me Know.
      Thank You 🙂


      Answered on August 9, 2017.
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