How to sync QuickBooks Online with Salesforce?


    I need to integrate QBO with Salesorce.

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      I am very happy to know you that if you have already integrate your Salesforce with QuickBooks Online, you can take your business to a great height by making better decisions.

      RE: How to sync  QuickBooks Online with Salesforce?

      You can also get more benefits:

      • Track your customers touch point.
      • Automatically update data in both Salesforce and QuickBooks Online by entering data once.
      • Minimize the errors of data entry.
      • Check open balances.
      • limits the credits from Salesforce.
      • See the history of sales for each customer.
      • Check your sales pattern.
      • Better predict the product while making making decisions.
      • You can check which products are getting the more service calls and warranties claims.

      I am sure that after knowing all these benefits, you would like to integrate Salesforce with QuickBooks if you did not do yet. So, if you also want to know the methods of integration and much more detail, please visit the link: QuickBooks Integration With Salesforce .

      Answered on July 13, 2017.
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