How to Set up my vendors in the QuickBooks Pro?

    How to Set up my vendors in the QuickBooks Pro? And how can i do this please give me suitable steps?

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      Adding vendors to your QuickBooks Pro Vendor list works the same basic way as adding customers to your Customer list.

      • Choose Vendors→Vendor Center or click the Vendors icon at the highest of the screen.
      • Click the New vendor button and then opt for the New vendor command from the menu that appears.
      • Enter the vendor name.
      • (Optional) Enter the name of your contact.
      • (Optional) Enter the vendor’s phone details and email address and, if available, the fax details and website addresses.
      • Enter the address to that you’re supposed to mail checks.
      • (Optional) Check the default Payment Settings tab’s info.
      • (Optional) Check the default Tax Settings.
      • (Optional) give the default accounts to use with a vendor.
      • (Optional) Click the additional information tab and categories the vendor.
      • Type zero within the opening Balance text box.
      • Enter the conversion date within the As Of date field.
      • Save the vendor info by clicking OK.

      If you can’t set your vendor in QuickBooks you have to dial QuickBooks Pro Support to contact us for getting instant help.

      Answered on July 18, 2017.
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