How to Send an invoice in PDF file?


    I want to start sending out .pdf invoices to my clients and wondered what is the best way to create a document and also export is as a .pdf file.

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      QuickBooks provides its user every kind of convenience that they can feel the great experience. With this software, generate reports, create an invoice and even send them to clients. QuickBooks uses PDF conversion tool that converts your entire data into a manageable file. This is the best feature provided by the company as it helps you:

      • Easily send your financial data to your client.
      •  The user can read the data even if they are not using QuickBooks.

       The add invoice as PDF setting needs to be turned on in order to send an invoice as an attached PDF file. To show this setting on do the following:

      • Go to the Gear icon next to Your Company Name, choose Company Settings, click Sales
      •  Check Online Delivery, click the pencil icon, select Attach invoice as PDF, Save, Done

       When setting has been turned on, QuickBooks will automatically add the invoice as a PDF to the email sent to your customers.

      For Additional information:  Quickbooks Invoice Past Due Stamp

      Answered on May 29, 2017.
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