How to resolve QuickBooks Unable To Connect To Remote Server and explain causes of this error?


    my question is that quickbook account occurs a error:quickbooks unable to connect remote server.what are the causes and how to fix this error?

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      QuickBooks Unable To Connect Remote  Server   When Intuit’s QuickBooks works , the SMB  accounting software is incredible  ; when it doesn’t  work , it’s in absolute nightmare . Networking issues, firewall issues , corrupted  data files , and more can Quickly  plague  your QuickBooks installation .

      If your QuickBooks database server isn’t running, follow these steps:

      1. On your server, click Start and type services.msc in the run area.

      2. In the Services window, search for the QuickBooks server manager (QuickBooksDB20 for newer versions).

      3. If older database managers are running, stop them and set them to Disable.

      4. Make sure the service is set to Automatic.

      Rerad more here Quickbooks Unable to Conect to Remote 

      Answered on May 29, 2017.
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        thanks for replyimg me also you can explain me what are the causes of quickbooks error unable to connect remote server.

        Answered on May 29, 2017.
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