How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6189, -83?

    What  is the QuickBooks Error 6189, -83 and how to solve this problem?

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      QuickBooks Error code 6189, -83 is a common QuickBooks Error that user report of this Error occurs when you try to open the company file. Your access to the company file displaying the error message: “unable to the open Company File, QuickBooks Error code: 6189, -83 “.

      The QuickBooks user attempts to open a Quickbooks company file. The same computer that runs the QuickBooks Database Server, Which is a single user configuration or a user on the computer hosting the company file in a multi-user configuration And resolving the QuickBooks Error Code 6189, -83.


      The Intuit has recommended cretin solution to resolve this Error code. To be followed with the same sequence as suggested. To fix it you need to move to the other. The olution to fix the issue and they are as follows:


      1. Restart for your computer and server that have the permit to access your company

      file and Restart all the systems. Restart your server system if your data is store in

      the server.



      1. QuickBooks Database Manager on your server and install your system.The

      installation of QuickBooks or the QuickBooks Database Manager on the server on which your company file is saved. License is required for installing the Database Manager.QuickBooks database user is not needed install the Database Manager. Your server once the installation is successfully done but before restart your system.


      III. QuickBooks Data Files stored on a network drive, your file is not located on a

      Network Attached Storage (NAS) device or other removable drive.

      This setup can cause data damage.


      1. Using the File sharing Service, File sharing service like Dropbox, Sugar-sync, or any other type of online sync service for your company file is not

      recommended. QuickBooks Error code 6189, -83 message or lose/damage transactions may be displayed if you access your company file this way.

      Reasons for these errors:-

      I- Try to open a old file .TLG company files.

      II- Limited permission of QuickBooksDataServicesUserXX.

      III- Open company file in not suitable QuickBooks Desktop.

      IV- Company file get damaged or corrupted.


      Troubleshooting tips:-


      You are Installing the latest version of QuickBooks desktop and try to re-open or create the company file. The re-opening and creating is not working then follow And we given the two solutions.


      Solution 1:

      Download and install the Doctor file of QuickBooks tool, And Run it on your Computer system.


      Solution 2:

      you can fix this error as manually in this Solution.


      The Symptoms of Error 6189,  -83

      1:- QuickBooks Error 6189,  -83 appears and crashes the active program window.

      2:- When running the same program, then your pc frequently crashes with error 6189,  -83.

      3:- your computer freezing for a few second at a time.

      4:- while a Intuit shutdown, or even during the installation of the window operating system. Error Code 6189, -83 error message can Showing the during program installation.

      5:- Your QuickBooks Error 6189, -83 error occurs is a critical piece of information in

      troubleshooting the problem.





      The Causes of Error 6189,  -83

      1:- Installation of QuickBooks software.

      2:- QuickBooks -related software change from a Corruption in windows registry.

      3:- malware or virus infection that has corrupted window system files or QuickBooks-

      related program files.

      4:- Mistakenly deleted QuickBooks-related files.


      QuickBooks Error 6189,  -83 can be caused by a variety of factors, so it is important. And any inquiry for related with the QuickBooks Error then contact our QuickBooks Error support phone number +1-855-441-4417.

      Answered on July 31, 2017.
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