How to Repair QuickBooks?

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    Repairing an existing QuickBooks installation helps you to resolve errors while using QuickBooks.

    As you know, QuickBooks is an all in one business accounting software/solution developed by Intuit. It has small and medium-sized organizations. As its target audience. QuickBooks offers on-premises accounting. As well as cloud-based accounting. That allows you to make business payments. And managing and paying bills, expenses, inventory, and also make payroll functions easier.

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    Detailed instructions

    To repair an existing QuickBooks installation. Make sure that QuickBooks is not running at the time of repairing QuickBooks. You can follow the steps for your operating system as given below:

    Windows 8, 7 or Vista:

    • First of all, Press the Windows + E button to open the Computer window.
    • Note: (If you’re using Windows 8), click the Computer tab.
    • Click Uninstall or change a program.
    • Select QuickBooks.
    • Once QuickBooks is selected, click Uninstall/Change.
    • If prompted, click Continue and then click Next.
    • Click Finish. Your installation of QuickBooks should now be repaired.

    Windows XP:

    • At first, Click the Start button and select Control Panel.
    • Double-click to Add or Remove Programs.
    • Select QuickBooks, and then click Change/Remove.
    • If prompted, click Continue and then click Next.
    • Click Finish. Your installation of QuickBooks is repaired.

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    Errors and Troubleshooting:

    While repairing QuickBooks. You might be prompted with an error or message. Such as Files in use etc. If you receive such a message/error. You may follow the steps given below:

    • First of all, Click Ignore (reboot required). And click OK.
    • You might have to click the Ignore button several times. The QuickBooks repair should continue.
    • If the Ignore button is not present there. Click Close.
    • Next, If repair is completed. You may now restart your computer.

    I hope you find this article helpful. If you’re facing any problem while repairing QuickBooks. You can call QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-855-441-4417.

    Answered on June 24, 2019.
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