How to produce a physical inventory worksheet in Quickbooks 2017?


    I am always finalizing our inventory check between physical inventory with few months delay> Now I want to print a physical inventory worksheet and I can’t.

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      Inventory is normally one of the most problematic areas for clients. QuickBooks enables users to easily maintain their inventory. Users also can manage to manufacture by using the tools provided for inventory management.

      Enter Physical Inventory:

      • Go to Inventory Menu> Start Physical Inventory.
      • Use the barcode scanner provided with your QuickBooks POS system to scan all the inventory items.
      • Users who want to manually enter all the data can select ‘Add Counts by Hand’(Enter an item identifier (UPC, alternate lookup, or item number) and then the count, pressing <Enter> after each entry) or ‘Entering Counts Directly(This is convenient for entering a small number of items or items that are grouped together).
      • You can also check the item count of inventory and make changes to them.
      • After ensuring the accuracy of data, click on save and close.
      • Overview your counts and the totals summary displayed on display screen and, if relevant, pick the set all item no longer counted to 0.
      • Select Apply Changes to Inventory to update your inventory.

      contact Customer Support For QuickBooks for more detail.

      Answered on May 29, 2017.
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