How to import Banking Transaction into QuickBooks Online

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    In this article, we discuss how to import banking transaction into QuickBooks online. Read the article to know the steps:

    Follow the following steps to import banking transaction into QuickBooks online.

    • Locate Your Bank
      • From the home page select transaction and banking from the left menu bar.
      • Type your bank name in the search box.
      • Select from the banks right below the search box.
      • Then if you unable to locate your bank then you will need to import your banking transaction using format.
    • Select upload a file
      • Click the upload a file.
    • Select the file to upload
      • Click Browse to locate the file that wishes to upload.
    • Select a QuickBooks account
      • After then select the QuickBooks account you want to link this account.You have not set up the account in QuickBooks, so you can do this step 5 otherwise skip this step.
    • Setup the QuickBooks accounts
      • Firstly select the add new from the drop-down menu and complete the following fields.
    • Map the QuickBooks Online fields to your bank account fields.
    • Select Banking Transactions to Import.
    • Confirm Transactions to Import.
    • Transactions have been downloaded.

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    Answered on June 24, 2019.
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