How to fix QuickBooks Error 1618?

    there is another program being updated

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      This can be frustrating, you want to install or update the QuickBooks Program, you may get  one of these errors:

      Error: There is a problem to install the Microsoft Runtime Library (Error 1618).

      An Error message display when you attempt to install QuickBooks Programs. Error 1618. “INSTALL_ALREADY_RUNNING”.

      The meaning of this error because of more then one instance of windows installer running and because of this process cannot continue. For many installation program the basic component is windows installer and it is generally popular in many applications like installing, uninstalling, updating or repairing the program. You can resolve this error by applying these two solutions:

      Method 1: Download and run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

      1. While the error message is on the screen, download the QuickBooks Install DiagnosticTool.
      2. Save the file to your desktop.
      3. Double-click the file to run the tool.
      4. It will detect the error and apply fixes.

      Method 2: You can resolve this problem Manually

      Solution 1: Verify that if you see any instances of MSIEXEC.EXE in the background

      • Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and click Task Manager.
      • Now Go to the Processes tab.
      • Click the Image Name column to alphabetize the list of running processes.
      • Scroll down the list. If there are any processes called MSIEXEC.EXE, select them and click the End Process button.
      • Close the Task Manager window and begin.

      If you don’t want to end the process then reboot your computer and follow the instruction given above again to verify if you see any instances of MSIEXEC.EXE still running in the background. Because rebooting generally closes this process.

      Solution 2: Again you have to reinstall the Microsoft Runtime Libraries

      Note: This may help you to resolve tour problem. But consider this. if you have no idea of using these steps we strongly recommended that you must take advice from your IT person or manufacturer. Window operating system is not an Intuit product.  follow the below steps:

      1. Download the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package:
      2. Save the download to a location on your computer that is easy to find. (For example your desktop)
      3. When the download has completed, double-click the downloaded file named “vcredist_X86.exe” or “vcredist_X64.exe” and follow the onscreen instructions.
      4. Restart your computer and install QuickBooks Desktop.
      Answered on November 28, 2018.
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