How to Export from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks for Mac

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    So, You want all your company files data to export from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks for Mac At this time, converting a company file from QuickBooks Online (QBO) to QuickBooks for Mac isn’t possible. (Get more information related to this article visit on Export Limitations for export limitations.)

    To convert your QuickBooks Online file to QuickBooks for Mac:

    • Export your data from Online to Desktop.
    • Convert the window company files Mac.
      • Open your company file in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows.
      • Re-sort lists.
      • Rebuild and verify your data file.
      • Go to the file menu, then click utilities>copy company file for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.
      • Save the file in your desired location with extension MAC.qbb.
      • Copy the file to a DVD, external hard drive, flash drive, or FTP website.
      • Restore all files in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

    Export from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks for Mac

    If you want to transition your QuickBooks file to QuickBooks Mac you can certainly convert your QBO file to QuickBooks for Windows, then convert it to QuickBooks for Mac. When you converting your file please keep in mind that both Windows and Mac versions Of QuickBooks must be the same year or older your Mac version. For example, to export Pro for Mac 2010 you need to have the same version of Pro 2010 for windows or older to transition your file QBO to Mac. Get more details please refer to the Visual guide to export for the process.

    If you aren’t able to access to Windows desktop version which has a same year or older than your Mac version, please consider your accountant copy you can use for this process. Otherwise, you can contact QuickBooks Customer Help Number for other options.

    Answered on June 25, 2019.
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