How to enable pop-ups for Mozilla firefox?

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    Quickbooks online sometimes provide some meaningful information in the form of pop-up Windows. that is why the pop-up functionality of your Mozilla Firefox web browser is very important and must be enabled when using the program.

    The process to enable pop-ups for Mozilla firefox

    • Click on the menu button.
    • Select options. For alternate way press F10 or ALT key to use the tools menu.
    • Go to the left menu and select the privacy and security link.
    • Scroll down and go to the permissions section.
    • Next, to block pop-up windows, click ok exceptions.
    • Enter then choose to allow.
    • Enter then choose to allow.
    • Click on save changes.
    • Restart the firefox.

    Even after following all these steps you are unable to enable pop-ups for Mozilla firefox. Then press the Ctrl key before selecting the button or link that brings up the pop-up window. This will cover up any pop-ups.

    Answered on July 15, 2019.
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      Open the browser.

      Click the “hamburger” menu icon (top right) to open the Firefox menu.

      Click Options. Click the Content icon located at the top of the window.

      Make sure that Block pop-up windows is activated (checkbox). Click the Exceptions button located to the right of Block pop-up windows.

      You will see the Allowed Sites dialog box.

      Click Allow.

      Answered on August 30, 2019.
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