How to Customize A Statement In QuickBooks

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    You can Customize a Statement In QuickBooks. Read the given instructions:

    Some of the level of detail in a statement and you want to show your age info or not, even you can also change these things. But you can’t change the style of statements of appearance, currently.

    You can Customize:

    • launch QuickBooks. Select “Customers” then “create invoices” from the menu.
    • Select the “print preview” button to see how your current invoice layout appears when printed or sent as an email attachment. this can help you how to customize the template then click on the “Close” button to Exit the preview screen.
    • Click on the “customize” drop-down menu and select “manage layouts” from the options.
    • Click on “OK”
    • select your customization preferences from the options pane. QuickBooks enables you to customize all aspects of the invoice, including or moving your organization logo, changing the position and presence of the organization’s name and contact data, changing the invoice title, and including, correcting or removing fields on the invoice. You can also include exceptional areas, including legal disclaimers, a settlement removes sheet or notes to clients.
    • Click on the print preview
    • Click on “OK” and Save.

    Column Contents Activity

    About each transaction, how much info provides to your customer you can also decide. If you are not providing this, By default, The QuickBooks lists transactions in the activity column by their type: Invoice #1740 or Payment.

    For Example: want to include a memo on individual transactions-say, “monthly garden maintenance”-in the Activity column, memo also appears. You can also further opt to include line item details as well. Find what the differences look like:

    A statement without memo descriptionInvoice #1740
    A statement with memo descriptionInvoice #1740: monthly garden maintenance
    Statement without memo
    but with line item details
    Invoice #1740:
    — Mow lawn…2 @ 60.00/hr = 120.00
    — Trim shrubbery = 30.00
    — Composting = 15.00
    Statement with memo
    and line item detail
    Invoice #1740: monthly garden maintenance
    — Mow lawn…2 @ 60.00/hr = 120.00
    — Trim shrubbery = 30.00
    — Composting = 15.00


    For each and every sales receipt, invoice and so on, create memo descriptions individually. You can also set the transaction list as include all the details or the single line in the company setting. (Gear icon > Company Settings (or depending on what you see like Account and Settings) > Sales > Statements).

    Info on age Options

    How many days they’re overdue, It can be useful if you wish to show amounts of information. To show amounts you can include an aging table at the bottom of statements.

    • Currently due
    • Past due
    • 1-30 days
    • 31-60 days
    • 61-90 days
    • 90+ days

    Go to the company setting and set the aging table option. (Gear icon > Company Settings (or depending on what you see like Account and Settings) > Sales > Statements)

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    Answered on June 25, 2019.
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