How To Custom Form Style To A Sales Form In QuickBooks?

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    Do you know how to custom form style, you have created. Here we discuss two ways to use custom form styles.

    1 You can assign the individuals into distinct transactions

    2 Or You can make a custom form style the default for a particular transaction type.

    Here you can follow these instructions to assign a custom form style to an individual transaction:

    • Open the invoice, estimate, or sales receipt that you need to assign to the custom style.
    • Now click on Customize, you can see the customize option at the bottom. After that, you can see A list of available styles for the transactions type pops up.
    • Now choose the style you want to use.
    • Click print or preview to see that what it looks like now if you want to see before save the custom style.
    • Now click on the save icon

    To make a custom form style the default follow the given instructions:

    Now we hope that this will resolve your query. If you need any further discussion related to this topic or want any help for QuickBooks, you can simply dial our toll-free number and talk to a QuickBooks expert.

    Answered on June 24, 2019.
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