How to Create an Estimate to business?

    so plz help me How to Create an Estimate to business? provide the answer

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      How to Create an Estimate to business?

      Here, I am going to know you how to create and design estimates in QuickBooks Online effectively for customers in your business.

      An estimate is also known as a quote or a bid. It is a type of document which provides customers, the list of the products and services that you will plan to provide and it also shows service or product charges. Ask Quickbooks online support number team and get more information about this.

      Lets get started with some simple steps:

      1. Open the Global Create Menu in QuickBooks.
      2. Navigate to the Estimate
      3. Click on the Plus (+)Add newbutton and choose Estimates.
      4. Click on (+) Detailsand enter the estimate details including your customer’s email id.
      5. You can also add details of your product and services if you are offering. Just click on (+)Add new and identify the accounts under which you want to list your product or service.
      6. Click on Save and Close.

      Now, you can email this estimates to your clients and convert them into invoices. If you want to learn more to personalize and send your estimates, please go through the link: Estimate Invoice in QuickBooks Online.


      Answered on July 6, 2017.
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