How to create a recurring credit card payment with QuickBooks?

    I need to get paid to my customers at regular interval of time. But it takes too much time to do again and again. Please help me.

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      Every business person needs to get paid to customers or vendors each week or each month or at a regular period of time. Recurring Payments will help you charge your customers automatically on a regular schedule that you set. Connecting recurring payments with QuickBooks helps you to access your QuickBooks Customer list and Items list. Then you can fill out the recurring payment form so you can automatically charge your customer on a regular schedule. You can also automatically create and pay invoices for each actual payment processed.


      • QuickBooks for Mac accounts do not have access to the recurring charges feature.
      • QuickBooks Online uses a different process for recurring payments.
      • Recurring payments are only available for credit card transactions; recurring check transactions are not available at this time.

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      Create a Recurring Payments

      Do follow the steps below:

      1. Open QuickBooks.
      2. Select Customers > Credit Card Processing Activities > Set Up Recurring Payments.
      3. Select Processing Tools > Create a Recurring Payments from the menu on any page.
      4. Clickon the Create New

      Note: Please be sure that you must get a signed authorization form from your customer before you create a recurring payment.

      • Clickon the Authorization Form link on the Create recurring payment page to download a PDF file that contains the terms of the recurring payment.
      • Send or give the form to your customer to complete then retain for your records.
      1. To add a new customerfor recurring payments:

      First, you need to add the new customer to the QuickBooks software and then select them from Existing Customers.

      1. To find and select an existing customer:

      You don,t need to type, just select the customer name from the list which comes directly from your QuickBooks customer list. If the list is not there, it means that it keeps a running list of customers you’ve entered while creating recurring payments.

      1. Enter any desiredName for the recurring payment. It will help you to identify further what it’s for like to understand the charge. You will see this name on all sent email notifications for each payment occurs.
      2. Set the payment scheduleby choosing correct Start Date, Frequency and End Date to control the dates your customer is charged.
      • Frequencyis the desired billing interval.
      • Start Dateis the first date you want your customer to pay that must be tomorrow or later.
      • End date is the last bill date.
      1. Toauto-generate and keep record of invoices for each payment and to calculate the charge amount by drawing in items from your QuickBooks items list:
      • Clickon the Itemized List radio button.
      • Enter item names in the Search for item(s) box.
      • Clickon the items which you want to add to the total.
      • Recurring Payments automatically calculate the totalusing item prices and sales tax amounts from QuickBooks.
      1. To generate invoice manually:
      • Clickon the Amount Only radio button.
      • Now, you cannot select items in this window and can only put in a total in the Amount of each payment field, including any applicable tax.
      1. To enter credit card information:

      Fill all the fields in the billing information section to record the credit card.

      1. To notify your customer by email,place a checkmark in the Notify my customer that I setup this recurring payment checkbox.
      2. Clickon Next to review and save the charge.
      3. Please, review your recurring payment setupcarefully and make sure your entries match the terms of the authorization form signed by your customer.
      4. If you want to make some change, click on Edit.

      To save, click Submit.

      Now, you have done!

      Hope this answer will be helpful for you. If you have any query or need more help, you can contact to the experts through the QuickBooks Online support phone number 1 (855) 441 4417 which is toll free and globally available for any type of help you want.

      Answered on August 10, 2017.
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