How to Convert QuickBooks company files Using The Quickbooks Conversion Tool?

    I’m unable to convert QuickBooks company files. Please help me!

    Asked on September 23, 2017 in No Category.
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      You need to convert your company data file from another program into QuickBooks. The QuickBooks Conversion Tool is a free program that imports business data, account balances, and transactions from other financial software into QuickBooks.

      Converting or upgrading between different versions of QuickBooks:

      Convert from Quicken


      • Use the Conversion tool if you’re converting Quicken 2012 to QuickBooks Desktop 2017 or QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 17.0.
      • Use the Conversion tool within QuickBooks if you’re converting from Quicken 2018 to QuickBooks Desktop 2018.

      If you want to experience the best QuickBooks conversion tool, you’ll have to update your Quicken data file to the latest supported version before converting it to QuickBooks.

      Convert Peachtree 2013-2015

      • Sage/Peachtree company file access.
      • Peachtree Source Company File Selection.
      • Verify the results.

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      Still, Facing the issue Or need help while Converting your data from another program with the QuickBooks Conversion Tool? No need to worry!

      Call Now, 24×7 QuickBooks Support Helpline (USA/CA Toll-Free) 1855-441-4417.

      Answered on September 23, 2017.
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